Romantic Terms And Expressions In Istanbul Turkish

If you are learning Turkish, especially the Istanbul dialect, you might be interested in learning some romantic phrases and expressions to impress your partner or to understand that someone is flirting with you. Istanbul Turkish is a unique dialect that has been influenced by many cultures, and in this article we will discuss the common expressions and love terms in Istanbul Turkish. We will also talk about the cultural aspects of expressing love in Turkish and give practical examples of love conversations that you can use in your everyday life. So, let’s dive into the world of romance in Turkish and discover the beauty of this fascinating language.

Introduction: Getting To Know The Turkish Language

Istanbul Turkish language is one of the common languages in Turkey, which is spoken by most of the people of that country. In this article, Turkish love terms and words will be taught.

Romantic Terms And Expressions In Istanbul Turkish

Common Love Phrases In Turkish Language:

  • Seni seviyorum – I love you
  • Seni özledim – I miss you
  • Canım sana feda olsun – I will go to you, may my life be sacrificed for you
  • Seni düşünüyorum – I think of you
  • Gözlerinin içine bakmak – To look into your eyes

Romantic Terms In Turkish Language

  • Aşk – Love
  • Gülümsemek – To smile
  • Öpüşmek – To kiss
  • Yakın olmak – To approach
  • Kucaklamak – Hug

Idioms and love words in Turkish

RowRomantic termsIstanbul Turkish equivalent
1My soulNefesim
2My loveAşkım
4My lifeHayatım
5My lifeömrüm
6My dearCanım
7My heartCanımın içi
8My angelMeleğim
10My flowerGülüm
11My loveSevgilim
12My giftBirtanem
14My lordSultanım
15The light of my eyesGözümün nuru
16Crown of my headBaşımın tacı
18I love you very muchSeni çok seviyorum
19I love youSeni seviyorum
20I like you very muchSenden çok hoşlanıyorum

Ways Of Declaring Love In Istanbul Turkish

In Istanbul, there are Turkish ways to declare love. For example, some people show their affection by giving gifts or romantic behavior. Also, in Istanbul Turkish it is common for lovers to say “Seni seviyorum”, which literally means “I love you”.

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