Where To Buy Party Dress In Istanbul, Türkiye

Where To Buy Party Dress In Istanbul, Türkiye

Are you looking for a party dress in Istanbul, Türkiye? It may be difficult, but don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. In this city, people spend several days searching for the best party dresses that suit their budget and style. Here’s our guide to the best places to shop for women’s prom dresses in Istanbul.

The City Of Istanbul And Party Clothes

Istanbul is known for its clothing industry and cheap shopping potential. You can find any clothes you like in Istanbul, but you have to know where to look. We are here to provide information on the best places and neighborhoods in the city to shop for dresses for parties and weddings.

Osmanbi And Nishantashi

Osmanbi Street is one of the best places for classy and modern women. It includes the best shopping malls in Istanbul, including evening dresses with high prices and quality. Nisantashi is another great neighborhood with many upscale streets, such as Rumeli, Tsveikieh and Muhafez Konagi. You can find international luxury clothing brands and the best shopping centers in Istanbul on Nisantasi Street. It is easily accessible from Taksim square and anyone can guide you there.

Where to buy party dress in Istanbul, Türkiye

Baghdad St

Baghdad Street is located in the Asian part of the city and is the center of the best clothes and cheap shopping centers in Istanbul. Here you can find beautiful women’s clothes at reasonable prices. To reach Bagdad Street, you can go from Taksim Square to Kadikoi and use the buses in this area. Then access the street by ferry across the Bosphorus.


Bakirkoy Street is one of the most famous streets in Istanbul and is known as the paradise of stylish and classy Istanbul clothes. You can buy any clothes at a reasonable price here. Don’t miss Yeralti Carsi market, one of the best and oldest markets for buying dresses and wedding dresses in Istanbul. All the premium stores in Bakirkoy are in this market and it is easily accessible. Prices in Bakkerkoy vary from 40 lira to more than 600-700 lira.

Fatih Area

Fatih area is located in the European part of the city and has many major shopping centers. You can find trendy clothes, bags, men’s and women’s shoes, wedding dresses and more here. Fevzipaşa Street is full of bridal shops and there are also very popular shops in Fatih, including Engiz Aktürk. The price of clothes on Fatih street starts from 500 to 1000 liras.


In Kadikoy, Opera Corridor is famous for its stylish party wear stores. Rouge Custom stores offer all kinds of clothes from 400 to 600 liras. Before you reach the Opera Corridor, you will find other shops in Kadikoy that you can also visit.

Buying A Wedding Dress

If you are planning to buy a wedding dress, go to Fatih district of Istanbul. Fouzi Pasha Street is full of bridal shops. Quality and craftsmanship have a great impact on the price of clothes. To reach it, take the metro to Fateh station and go 500 meters to the right.

Buy Party Dresses Online

If you are looking for a popular online store to buy prom dresses in Istanbul, visit Trendyol Turkey. Trendyol sells its products to more than 100 Turkish and non-Turkish companies and factories. It became a major distributor of apparel and clothing of all kinds. Trendyol has been successful with its exceptional auctions for products from famous stores and more. You can also shop online from anywhere you want. Trendyol delivers more than 200 million products to its customers annually.

Now that you know where to buy prom dresses in Istanbul, you can find the perfect outfit for your next event. Turkey, especially Istanbul, is the country of fashion and the latest trends at the best price for you.

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