آموزش ترکی استانبولی

Words in Turkish related to agriculture

Words in Turkish related to agriculture Tohumlar – Grains Meyveler – Fruits Kırsal – Rural Besinler – Nutrients Genetik – Genetics Yavrulamak – Reproduce Çevre – Environment Araç Gereç – Equipment Atık – Garbage Buğday –...

افتتاح حساب در ترکیه در 2023 بدون داشتن اقامت

Opening a bank account in Turkey in 2023 without residency

Opening an account in Turkey is required due to the current laws, whether for commercial work or buying property in Turkey. Opening an account in Turkey can be very useful. For this reason, the need to open a bank account in Turkey has increased. You may ask what kind of currency account you can open in Turkey? Whether you live in Turkey or do not have a residence card, you can use the services of...

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