Turkish Driving License And Conversion Process In Turkey

Turkish Driving License And Conversion Process In Turkey

The Turkish driving license procedures of foreign nationals living in Turkey or going to be live here are as follows:

Turkish driving license can be obtained for foreigners who have a Turkey residence permit with more than 6 months residence period by applying to the driving schools in Turkey.

Foreign citizens can also take the Turkish driving license exam in Arabic or English languages.

You can apply for all types of Turkish driving licenses, including B and (A1, A2,).

There are two ways to get a Turkish driver’s license, one is to register in driving schools in Turkey and getting a Turkish license, the second is by translating your international license to Turkish language and converting it.

Applying To Driving Schools In Turkey

The first condition for getting a Turkish driving license through registration in driving schools in Turkey for foreign nationals is the legal age, which is 18 years of age and residence in Turkey with a residence permit.

Driving schools in Turkey will also take documents from you to register you for a Turkish driver’s license, which they will send to the traffic police office when you pass the driving test.

Turkish Driving License And Conversion Process In Turkey
Turkish Driving License And Conversion Process In Turkey

Documents Required For Application Of Turkish Driving License

  1. Passport translation with the approval of the Notary Office
  2. Turkey residence permit (at least 6 months)
  3. 2 biometric photos
  4. Provide the latest degree diploma or student certificate translation with the approval of the Notary Office (If you get your last degree from Turkey, you do not need notarization and translation)
  5. Health report
  6. Blood group document
  7. Eye examination card (in 2021 the cost of this card is about 25 Turkish Liras, remember to ask your doctor or hospital to prepare this card for you for the traffic police)
  8. Criminal record certificate
  9. Fee

Turkish Driving License Written Exam

Also, to get a Turkish driving license, you must first written exam and pass the practical driving test after passing this test.

There is 50 questions in the Turkish driving license written exam including four sections:

  1. Technical information about vehicles (9 questions)
  2. Traffic morals and environmental information (23 questions)
  3. First aid knowledge (12 questions)
  4. Traffic customs (6 questions)

If you are not fluent in Turkish, you must apply for an official translator from your driving school. You can also take this test in English, Arabic, or German to obtain a Turkish driving license.

To pass the driving test in Turkey, you must answer at least 35 questions correctly. If you fail, you can take the test again by paying 135 Turkish Liras.

Driving tests in Turkey are usually held on Saturdays and Sundays.

Convert Driving License to Turkish Driving License

The second way to get a Turkish driving license in Turkey / Converting license to Turkey

You must first make an appointment for a Turkish driving license from the website of https://randevu.nvi.gov.tr/. You can also call 199 to make an appointment. The interview will take place at the population registry (Nüfus Müdürlüğü).

Foreigners who have an international driving license from their own country can drive with their international driving license after 6 months of residence in Turkey. Foreign citizens who have completed 6 months of residence in Turkey can drive for another 6 months by having their current foreign driver’s license Turkish translation in the Notary Office or by getting a translation from the consulate of their country in Turkey.

Foreign nationals who will stay in Turkey for more than 1 year are required to obtain a Turkish driving license from the Republic of Turkey. The documents required for foreigners to obtain a driver’s license are listed above.

The List Of Countries That Can Convert Their License To Turkish Foreign Driving License

There are 83 countries’ driving licenses that can be converted into Turkish Driving Licenses:

  1. Albania
  2. Austria 
  3. Armenia             
  4. Azerbaijan
  5. Bahamas            
  6. Bahrain
  7. Belgium              
  8. Belarus
  9. Bosnia-Herzegovina       
  10. Brazil    
  11. Bulgaria              
  12. Croatia
  13. Czech Republic 
  14. Chile     
  15. Central African Republic             
  16. Cuba
  17. Costa Rica          
  18. Denmark            
  19. DR Congo          
  20. Ecuador
  21. Estonia
  22. Finland
  23. France  
  24. Germany
  25. Ghana  
  26. Greece 
  27. Guyana
  28. Georgia
  29. Holland
  30. Hungary             
  31. Iran       
  32. Israel
  33. Italy      
  34. Indonesia           
  35. Ivory Coast        
  36. Kazakhstan
  37. Kenya  
  38. Kyrgyzstan         
  39. Kuwait 
  40. Latvia
  41. Liberia  
  42. Lithuania            
  43. Luxembourg     
  44. Macedonia
  45. Morocco            
  46. Montenegro     
  47. Mexico
  48. Mongolia
  49. Moldova
  50. Monaco             
  51. Niger    
  52. Norway
  53. Pakistani            
  54. Philippines         
  55. Peru     
  56. Poland
  57. Portugal             
  58. Qatar    
  59. Romania            
  60. Russia
  61. San Mario          
  62. Spain    
  63. Senegal
  64. South Africa
  65. South Korea      
  66. Seychelles          
  67. Serbia  
  68. Slovakia
  69. Slovenia             
  70. Sweden              
  71. Swiss    
  72. Tajikistan
  73. Thailand             
  74. Tunisia 
  75. Turkmenistan   
  76. Ukraine
  77. Uzbekistan        
  78. United Arab Emirates    
  79. United Kingdom (UK)    
  80. Uruguay
  81. Vatican
  82. Venezuela          
  83. Zimbabwe         

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