The Red Tower In Alanya, Turkey (Kizilkule)

The Red Tower In Alanya, Turkey (Kizilkule)

The Red Tower In Alanya, Turkey

The Kizilkule is the best preserved tower in Alanya, considered to be one of the city’s most important symbols. It was built in 1226 by the Anatolian Seljuk Sultan Kayqubad I and was commissioned by the architect Ebu Ali Reha from Aleppo, Syria.

It is an octagonal building of thirty-three meters (108 feet) high and twelve and a half meters wide, made of red brick. It was designed by the Seljuks as a defence tower for the harbor and is a good example of medieval military architecture.

The Harbour

The harbour of Kizilkule alanya is a long, narrow bay backed by stone walls and craggy rock. It’s home to Turkey’s best-preserved Seljuk shipyard and the octagonal Red Tower, which looms above the port.

The Red Tower was built in 1226, to protect Alanya’s harbor and shipyard from attacks from the sea. It was designed by renowned architect Ebu Ali Reha, from Aleppo, Syria.

Its octagonal design resembles that of a castle. Visitors can climb up its 85 steps to see exhibits and learn about the tower’s and Alanya’s history.

In 1979, the city opened a museum inside the tower; it features works of art from various periods including Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, Seljuk and Ottoman. The museum also focuses on the city flag, featuring a double-headed eagle.

The Old Town

One of the most interesting areas to explore in Alanya is the old town. This historic district is a maze of narrow streets, illuminated by lanterns at night and blending a sense of old-world charm with modern prosperity.

Kizilkule alanya is one of the main tourist attractions in Alanya and is a must-see on any trip to this city. Its octagonal Red Tower is a great way to get some spectacular views of the harbor, castle and the port’s garrison point.

The tower was built in 1226 by the Seljuk Sultan Alaaddin Keykubad. The Sultan brought renowned architect, Ebu Ali Reha, from Aleppo to Alanya to build the tower.

Visitors can climb the 85 steps up to the top of the tower for breathtaking views over the sea, castle and town. The tower also houses an ethnographic museum with hundreds of artifacts from different eras in Turkish history.

The Tower

Kizilkule alanya, or the ‘red tower’ as it is known locally, has become a symbol of Alanya. It forms part of the castle walls and stands 820 feet high on a rocky peninsula that sticks out into the sea.

In 1226 the Anatolian Seljuk Sultan Kayqubad the Great ordered renowned architect Ebu Ali Reha from Aleppo, Syria, to build this tower. It was the first phase of the defenses surrounding Alanya and the castle, which stretches for four miles around the city.

The tower is a complex structure, with each floor having a unique design and layout due to military needs. A cistern is built into the octagonal pier in the center, which provides water for the defenders.

The castle is a must-see attraction for anyone staying in Alanya or visiting the region on a cruise ship. The views from the top of the castle hill are breathtaking, particularly during sunset when the sun reflects off the castle walls.

The Red Tower In Alanya, Turkey (Kizilkule)
The Red Tower In Alanya, Turkey (Kizilkule)

The Museum

Kizilkule alanya, or Red Tower, was built in 1226 by Syrian architect Ebu Ali Reha el Kettani to protect Alanya castle from sea-borne attack. It was a crucial part of the coastal wall, and it remains one of the finest examples of medieval military design in Turkey.

Today it’s an important symbol of the city and is featured on the flag of Alanya. Visitors can explore its fascinating history in the museum.

The museum is housed inside the Red Tower, and it features ethnographic artefacts from various periods, including Ottoman period clothes and handicraft samples. There are also coins, mosaics and inscriptions from the ancient times.

The tower was restored between 1951 and 1953, and it opened as a museum in 1979. There are plenty of loopholes in the tower, and each floor has its own plan.

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