The Beautiful Neighborhood Of Bahceshehir In Istanbul

The Beautiful Neighborhood Of Bahceshehir In Istanbul

Bahceshehir is a beautiful and luxurious neighborhood located on the European side of Istanbul. This city is known as “Garden of the City” due to its abundant green space. This neighborhood has magnificent residential buildings, popular shopping centers, large Bahçeşehir Pond Park, cozy cafes, various restaurants, artificial lake, and walking trails. This is one of the best areas in Istanbul to live, buy property or invest in real estate.

Features Of Bahçeşehir

One of the important geological features of Bahçeşehir is the presence of high hills that add to its natural beauty. This feature, along with paying attention to the important aspects of architecture and urban planning, has led to the construction of various buildings with beautiful facades and high durability. The best examples of such buildings are luxurious shopping centers with various local and international brands, stylish restaurants, and most importantly, excellent residential complexes.

This neighborhood has very high-quality facilities for welfare, social, recreational, health, educational and commercial purposes that can easily meet the expectations of anyone who is looking for a luxurious and suitable lifestyle.

Amenities In Bahçeşehir

Bahce Shahir neighborhood is equipped with various amenities including hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and fitness centers. It also has many parks, playgrounds and sports fields for outdoor activities.

Infrastructure Of Bahçeşehir

Bahçeşehir is built on an area of 4,703,000 square meters and has an artificial lake (300,000 square meters) and diverse vegetation with modern structures and facilities. Since this neighborhood is designed and planned as one of the luxurious neighborhoods of Istanbul, modern residential, commercial, welfare, social and administrative buildings can be seen in it, which have a very good architecture and quality compared to other old areas Istanbul has.

Also, urban and communication facilities necessary to increase the working and living conditions of its residents have been considered. One of these facilities is the construction of a new road network around the neighborhood, which has made access to other areas very easy.

Villa Area

Bahçeşehir is a new and almost new area in Istanbul. It has many beautiful buildings, from villas to apartments, which have attracted a lot of attention. This neighborhood is located in the northern part of Snivort district and has a villa area that includes many high-end villas in Istanbul. These villas are more expensive than other suburbs such as Buyukcekmece due to their location. The villa area of Bahçeşehir is known as the neighborhood of English speakers and is very attractive with its neat and green streets.

Apartment Area

Many construction projects have been implemented in another part of Bahçeşehir. Due to the mass construction in some areas, the price of apartments has been evaluated as very suitable for buyers. Bahçeşehir has a wide range of prices for residential units that are suitable for buyers.


One of the disadvantages of living in Bahçeşehir is the distance from the center of Istanbul and other central areas. This can be a problem for residents who do not have a car, as public transport is not very widespread. Only one bus passes every hour from this area to Taksim Square. If commuting and the distance to Taksim, Sisli or famous areas like Besiktas or Sariyer are important to you and you don’t have a car, living in Bahçeşehir can be very difficult. The distance from Bahceshahr to the center of Istanbul is about 50 kilometers.

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