Opening A Bank Account In Turkey In 2023 Without Residency

Открытие Счета В Турции В 2023 Году Без ВНЖ

Opening an account in Turkey is required due to the current laws, whether for commercial work or buying property in Turkey. Opening an account in Turkey can be very useful. For this reason, the need to open a bank account in Turkey has increased. You may ask what kind of currency account you can open in Turkey?

Whether you live in Turkey or do not have a residence card, you can use the services of opening a bank account in Turkey. It is possible to open an account in Turkey without residence, and you can open an account in the Turkish Bank.

Turkey is one of the most popular countries to immigrate, travel or do business these days. You need a bank account to do any of these activities. Opening a bank account allows you to do your financial work more easily and safely. The process of opening a bank account in Turkey and using its items and privileges will be accompanied by special rules and conditions, which we will discuss further.

Opening An Account In Turkey

Opening A Bank Account In Turkey Without Residence

The conditions and steps below are actually the conditions for opening an account at the Bank of Turkey because it is the only bank where people without residency can open an account.

  1. The first and most important point is that to open an account, you must be present in Turkey and in the bank branch of your choice.
  2. Specify the address of the residence (hotel or friends’ accommodation)
  3. Get the tax code online from here
  4. Buying a SIM card from one of the mobile companies in Turkey
  5. Refer to one of the bank branches in Turkey, preferably close to the address stated in the tax code

Necessary Documents To Open A Bank Account In Turkey Without Residence

  1. Passport
  2. Tax code
  3. Turkish sim card
  4. Install the bank application

After opening a bank account in Turkey, an international bank card will be issued and delivered to you immediately. The whole process takes only an hour.

Banks Authorized To Open Accounts In Turkey For Foreigners

If you live in Turkey with an foreign passport, you can open an account in Zareem Bank – Ish Bank – Vakif Bank and Post Bank of Turkey.

Opening an account in Turkey is very easy, and if you know a little bit of the language, you don’t need the help of other people. If the branch does not open an account for you without a residence card, go to another branch of bank in Turkey with the same documents. Bank branches usually act according to taste in this matter.

Taxes And Fees For Bank Accounts In Turkey

According to Turkish banking laws, personal accounts are not taxed. And banks in Turkey do not charge a fee for keeping accounts.

There is no fee for transactions within the same branch. Transactions of the bank of the same name with different branches in the bank are less than two liras.

Transaction fees between different banks, depending on the amount and type of bank, start from 4 liras per transaction and up.

Ish Bank receives a higher fee from the Turkish Bank.

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