How much do private schools cost in Izmir?

هزینه مدارس خصوصی در ازمیر چقدر است؟

How much do private schools cost in Izmir? What factors cause the difference in costs? We will answer these questions below.

Enrolling in schools in Izmir is one of the primary challenges that families face to continue their children’s education. Familiarity with the Turkish language, adapting to the educational system and most importantly school fees in Izmir are among the things that families should consider. While language learning and the education system are affordable and similar across most schools, tuition fees vary.

Foreigner’s families prefer to send their children to private schools in Izmir.

How much is the cost of studying in schools and colleges in Izmir?

Schools in Izmir are divided into the following categories:

Public or government



Features of private schools in Izmir

Among the features of private schools in Izmir, Turkey, the following can be mentioned:

It is active from morning to afternoon
Kindergarten to high school in one place
Holding special classes
Providing scholarships to outstanding students
The language of instruction in private schools is Turkish, and the second language is English. In addition, a third language (German, French or Spanish) is also taught. Another important point is that the student’s parents and themselves must have Turkish residence. Families can buy a property in Izmir to ensure their stay and avoid any problems.

It should be noted that the cost of international schools is in dollars

Tuition fees of private schools in Izmir for 2023

Elementary School

If you want to study in a private primary school in Izmir, you need to pay at least 100,000 Turkish Lira in cash or 12,000 Turkish Lira per month in 8 installments.

The Junior School

For private middle schools in Izmir, the minimum tuition fee is 103,000 Turkish Liras in cash or 13,000 Turkish Liras per month in 8 installments.

High school

Private high schools in Izmir have a minimum tuition fee of 107,000 Turkish Lira in cash or 14,000 Turkish Lira per month in 8 installments.

Taxes and food costs

Keep in mind that an additional 8% tax will be added to each of the above amounts. In addition, the annual cost of food ranges from 10,000 to 14,000 Turkish Lira, which is added to tuition.

Attending a private school can be expensive, but it can also provide a high-quality education. Be sure to consider all costs before making a decision.

School fees


This school offers kindergarten, middle and high school education. Cash payment tuition for kindergarten is 218,000 lira, for high school is 234,000 lira, and for high school is 309,000 lira. If you choose installments, the costs are 230,000 lira for kindergarten, 248,000 lira for high school and 328,000 lira for high school.


SEV offers kindergarten, middle school and high school education. Tuition for kindergarten is 170,000 liras and for high school is 226,000 liras.

Özel Italian Ana ve İlkokulu

This school offers elementary education and tuition fees range from 295,000 TL to 440,000 TL.

Why are private schools a popular choice in Izmir?

Private schools are a popular choice among families in Izmir who want a more personalized education for their children. Private schools often offer smaller classes, individual attention, and a wide range of extracurricular activities. Additionally, private schools in Izmir are known for their high academic standards, preparing students for success in college and beyond.

Factors affecting the tuition fees of private schools in Izmir

Several factors affect the cost of private schools in Izmir, including location, curriculum, facilities, teacher quality, and class size.

Location and reputation of the school

The location and reputation of a private school in Izmir can significantly affect tuition fees. Schools located in more prestigious neighborhoods or schools with a long history of academic excellence may charge higher fees.

Curriculum and facilities

A private school’s curriculum and facilities can also affect the cost of tuition. Schools that offer specialized programs or advanced facilities may charge more than others.

Teacher quality and class size

Teacher quality and class size also affect the cost of private schools in Izmir. Schools that offer smaller class sizes and highly skilled teachers may charge higher tuition.

Other expenses of private schools in Izmir

In addition to tuition, private schools in Izmir may charge additional fees for things like textbooks, uniforms, transportation, and extracurricular activities.


The cost of private schools in Izmir depends on the type of school, the quality of education and the extra activities offered. However, private schools tend to have higher enrollment rates due to immigrant admissions. You can find detailed information about tuition and registration on each school’s website. We hope this article has given you a general idea of the costs of studying in a private school in Izmir.

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