Discovering Times and Holidays in Turkey

Discovering Times And Holidays In Turkey

Turkey is a popular tourist destination, and it’s important to know the official holidays before planning your trip. The Turkish calendar is based on the Gregorian calendar, but changes are announced every year due to religious and Islamic holidays.

Days, Months, and Seasons in Turkish

Learning the names of the days, months, and seasons in Turkish can help you understand the culture and language of Turkey.

Days of the Week in Turkish

The names of the days of the week in Istanbul, Turkey are:

  • Saturday: Cumartesi
  • Sunday: Pazar
  • Monday: Pazartesi
  • Tuesday: Salı
  • Wednesday: Çarşamba
  • Thursday: Perşembe
  • Friday: Cuma

Seasons in Turkish

The names of the seasons in Turkish are:

  • Spring: Ilkbahar
  • Summer: Yaz
  • Autumn: Sonbahar
  • Winter: Kış
Discovering Times And Holidays In Turkey
Discovering Times And Holidays In Turkey

Months of the Year in Turkish

The names of the months in Turkish are:

  • January: Ocak
  • February: Şubat
  • March: Mart
  • April: Nisan
  • May: Mayıs
  • June: Haziran
  • July: Temmuz
  • August: Ağustos
  • September: Eylül
  • October: Ekim
  • November: Kasım
  • December: Aralık

Important Public Holidays in Turkey

Here are some of the most important public holidays in Turkey:

  • New Year’s Day: January 1
  • National Sovereignty and Children’s Day: April 23
  • Labor Day and Business Solidarity: May 1
  • Ataturk Day and Youth and Sports Day: May 19
  • Eid al-Fitr: 13th, 14th, and 15th of April
  • Day of Democracy: July 15
  • Eid al-Adha: July 20-23
  • Victory Day: August 30
  • Day Commemorating the Liberation of Istanbul: October 6
  • Republic Day: October 28-29
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Tips for Traveling During Holidays in Turkey

Here are some tips to keep in mind when traveling to Turkey during holidays:

  • The Istanbul Grand Bazaar and the Istanbul Spices Market are closed during religious holidays and on October 29. Sundays are also closed on a regular basis.
  • It is safe to travel to Turkey during holidays.
  • The Blue Mosque is open during religious holidays, but reopening times may be delayed due to prayer sessions.
  • Many museums in Turkey are closed on Mondays and for half an hour during religious holidays.
  • Alcohol may be illegal and forbidden in restaurants and bars during election day.
  • Be respectful of those who are fasting during Ramadan and avoid eating or drinking in public places.
  • Turkish Independence Day is celebrated with festivals and ceremonial music parades.

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