Discover Online Taxis In Türkiye | Internet Taxi In Türkiye

Discover Online Taxis In Türkiye | Internet Taxi In Türkiye

In this article, we will review online taxis in Turkey or internet taxis in Turkey. There are many online taxis in Turkey, but we introduce you to the most popular ones.

Among them, companies such as BiTaksi, iTaksi, Get Transfer and UBER have a special place in Turkey’s public transportation system.

Internet Taxi Without Taxi

One of the most popular online taxi services in Turkey is BiTaksi, which operates in various Turkish cities such as Ankara and Istanbul. This application is easy to use and by installing it on your smartphone, you can request a taxi anytime and anywhere and reach your destination. This program, which has sufficient security, provides you with the driver’s information, license plate and mobile number with its appropriate design. You can also pay the fare by credit card and express your opinion about the driver’s behavior and even his driving style.

BiTaksi is one of the most popular transportation systems, especially in Istanbul. The company has 34,000 drivers and 200,000 users.

This app allows the driver to display the route traffic to choose the best route. Passengers feel more comfortable and safe in these trips. BiTaksi is one of the oldest internet taxi services in Turkey. In fact, this company covers most regions of Turkey and may be the most popular online taxi app in Turkey. You can choose one of the different taxis and vans according to your needs and taste and enjoy your city transportation in BiTaksi.

In the early days, because of UBER in Turkey, fewer people used BiTaksi. But with the illegal use of UBER in Turkey, this company was able to take the first place in the people’s choice for a limited time.

BiTaksi online taxi is easy to install on Android and IOS systems.

How to use BiTaksi in Türkiye
How to use BiTaksi in Türkiye

How To Use BiTaksi In Türkiye?

If you are planning to travel to Turkey or you are in a place where you need a taxi but you don’t know the city well, you can use online taxi apps to make your life easier. One of the most popular apps in Türkiye is Bitaksi. Here’s how to use it.

After downloading the BiTaksi application from the links above, you can choose your starting point and destination. Then the program will show you the driver’s name, phone number and taxi license plate number. You can even track the driver’s location on the map.

You can pay for your trip in cash or by credit card.

At the end of your trip, you can rate the driver and send your feedback. BiTaksi is also accessible for deaf and visually impaired passengers.

Advantages Of No Taxi

  • It offers affordable and luxury taxis for different situations and financial preferences
  • It is cheaper than regular city taxis
  • It allows you to know the price before choosing a taxi
  • It allows you to share travel information with your friends
  • It offers various discounts
  • It supports English
  • It has a user-friendly interface
  • It is active in 90% of provinces and big cities of Türkiye
  • It has a longstanding reputation for safety
  • It offers intercity travel options
  • Handles driver and passenger violations
  • Values respectful relationships between the company and its customers
  • Striving to create great customer experiences

BiTaksi Internet Taxi Service In Türkiye

BiTaksi offers different types of services:

  • Yellow taxis (affordable and economical)
  • Turquoise taxis (slightly more expensive and semi-luxury)
  • Black taxi (luxury option for passengers)
Discover online taxis in Türkiye | Internet taxi in Türkiye
Discover online taxis in Türkiye | Internet taxi in Türkiye

ITaksi: A Strong Competitor In The Market

iTaksi is one of the strongest competitors of BiTaksi in Turkey. But it is not available in all provinces, so it cannot compete with BiTaksi in terms of coverage. iTaksi focuses on attracting tourists in tourist cities. iTaksi taxis are cheaper than BiTaksi. The app covers four types of taxis: yellow taxis (economy), blue taxis (semi-luxury), luxury taxis and vans for larger groups, depending on your budget and location.

iTaksi is managed by the municipalities of Turkish cities, so you can feel safe using it. All incidents inside the car are recorded and documented. But the problem with this taxi is that you cannot cancel your trip and in any case you have to pay a percentage of the fare.

For more information about iTaksi, you can visit the ITAKSI website. You can also download this app on your Android and iOS devices.

GetTransfer: Another Popular Online Taxi App In Türkiye

GetTransfer is one of the most exciting and attractive taxi apps in Türkiye.

GetTransfer is an international online taxi that offers incredible services including the world’s first air taxi. Although these services are expensive, they can be very exciting. Note that all website prices are in USD.

GetTransfer offers nine types of taxis to its customers:

  • Economic taxi
  • Premium taxi
  • Commercial taxi
  • Luxury taxi
  • SUV
  • Van
  • Minibus
  • Bus
  • Air taxi or helicopter (currently not available in Turkey due to cancellation of helicopter license)

If you use this app, don’t wait for yellow or blue taxis like other companies. In fact, the only thing that can assure you that you got into the right taxi is the GET TRANSFER sign on the doors. Using GetTransfer is like renting a car and driver at the same time, but you pay more than other online taxis in Turkey. You can visit their website to learn more about their transfer receiving services.

Discover online taxis in Türkiye | Internet taxi in Türkiye
Discover online taxis in Türkiye | Internet taxi in Türkiye

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