Dim Cayi Alanya

Dim Cayi Alanya

    Dim Cayi In Alanya

    Dim cayi alanya is a popular picnic area with restaurants over the water. Located on the eastern edge of Alanya, the Dim River has played a major role in agricultural development in the past but is now mainly a favorite relax and picnic spot with many restaurants and tourist facilities along its course.

    When To Go:

    The best time to visit this beautiful spot is September through October and November and April through May, as it can become busy in summer with tourists. The area is also perfect for a day away from the beach to cool down and unwind, with sunbeds and waterslides available to sit on or jump off the jumping bridge if you’re brave!

    The most popular times to visit this stunning place are on weekends when the locals enjoy visiting for a day of relaxation and leisure. However, you can also visit on a weekday to avoid the crowd and find a quieter environment.

    What To Eat:

    There are plenty of restaurants and tea gardens along the stream with tables protected from the sun in gazebos. The most popular dishes include fresh trout and other fish cooked in a variety of ways.

    Dim Cayi Alanya
    Dim Cayi Alanya

    What To Bring:

    A swimsuit, towel and swimming shoes are essential for a visit to this stunning location. You can also take some fruit and vegetables for a snack before you head to the picnic area.


    There is a free camping area near Dim River, which has become a popular spot on the weekends. The calming beauty of the region and pure oxygen in the air will give you a restful experience as you unwind from the stress of the busy year.

    What To Do:

    There are a lot of things to do in this stunning valley, including rafting. The upper part of the stream is suitable for this sport, which can be done in a few hours depending on the level of the water.


    The Dim River and the villages that line it attract a lot of attention from visitors who are interested in nature and the Taurus Mountains. Many tour agencies organize daily treks and safari trips to these villages.

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