Buying A SIM Card In Turkey

Buying A SIM Card In Turkey

    Buying a SIM card in Turkey is easy, just go to one of the shops of mobile operators and buy a SIM card.

    Buying a SIM card in Turkey gives you access to data and quick calls, which are great for restaurant or cafe reservations, maps, and other information about places of interest and transportation. It will also help you move around more easily, especially if you are staying at a hotel that does not have Wi-Fi.

    It is best to buy a SIM card in Turkey outside the airports and in the city, because the price of a SIM card is lower and there are more options. However, if you are arriving in Istanbul and need to connect immediately, you can buy one at the airport.

    Buying a SIM card in Turkey is very easy and after presenting your passport to the seller, the process will only take ten minutes. Then you need to fill out some forms.

    Buying A SIM Card In Turkey
    Buying A SIM Card In Turkey

    Where to buy a SIM card in Turkey?

    Turkish GSM operators have official shops in the entrances, at the main transport stations and on some of the most important streets of Istanbul (especially in the tourist areas), as well as on the Internet. These shops have many offers for tourists.

    Which operator to choose to buy a SIM card in Turkey?

    3 main operators in Turkey:

    1. Turkcell
    2. Vodafone
    3. Turk Telecom

    All three SIM cards have acceptable high-speed internet, covering most cities and towns.

    Required Documents for Buying a SIM Card in Turkey

    • Passport (buying a sim card in Turkey with a passport is limited to 3 months)
    • If you have a residence permit in Turkey, a residence permit (in order not to invalidate the SIM card, it must be replenished at least twice a year)

    Types of SIM cards in Turkey
    Billing SIM

    By purchasing this type of SIM card, depending on the package you buy, you commit to pay this amount regularly for one to two years, and this type of SIM card is suitable for people who live in Turkey and you pay less costs.

    Prepay SIM card

    This type of SIM card can be used without buying a package and charging the amount inside the SIM card (not recommended), or you can choose monthly packages that suit your needs and use them until the end of the period.

    If at the end of the period the internet or conversation does not disappear, your total credit will be zero and will not be carried over to the next month.

    If you are using new generation phones, you can also use SIM cards

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