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Buying A House In Istanbul

“Buying A House In Istanbul: Everything You Need To Know”

Istanbul is one of the most popular cities in Turkey and is known for its rich history, vibrant culture, and beautiful scenery. The city is also home to a growing real estate market, making it an ideal place to invest in a house.

If you’re considering buying a house in Istanbul, here are some things you need to know:

  1. Location – Istanbul is a large city, so it’s important to choose the right location that suits your needs. Consider the proximity to schools, hospitals, and transportation when choosing a neighborhood.

  2. Budget – The cost of a house in Istanbul varies depending on the location, size, and type of property. Be sure to set a budget and stick to it, taking into account any additional expenses such as taxes and maintenance costs.

  3. Legal Requirements – Before you start the buying process, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the legal requirements for buying property in Turkey. You’ll need a tax number, a passport, and a residency permit, among other things.

  4. Real Estate Agent – Finding a reliable and experienced real estate agent can make the process of buying a house in Istanbul much easier. An agent can help you find properties that match your criteria and guide you through the buying process.

  5. Financing – If you’re not paying cash, you’ll need to arrange financing for your house purchase. You can choose between a mortgage or a personal loan, and there are several banks and financial institutions that offer these services in Istanbul.

In conclusion, buying a house in Istanbul can be a great investment and provide a comfortable living environment for you and your family. By taking the time to research, prepare, and plan, you can ensure a smooth and successful home buying experience in this vibrant city.

Buying a house in Istanbul
Buying a house in Istanbul

Buying A House In Istanbul

Whether you’re looking for your dream home or an investment opportunity, Istanbul has something for everyone.

Buying a house in Istanbul is the perfect way to secure your place in one of the world’s leading hubs for culture, education, business, finance, art and more.

But before you get carried away, do your research first. This way, you can avoid costly mistakes and enjoy a stress-free property purchase.


Buying an apartment in Istanbul can be a great way to start living the Turkish lifestyle, and it’s also an attractive investment option for property owners. This ancient city has plenty to offer, including a rich history, modern architecture, fresh food markets, and stunning scenery.

There are a number of different types of apartments in Istanbul, and prices vary by location and district. It’s important to decide whether you want to buy a property for living or an investment, then search for areas that suit your budget and needs.

You’ll be able to find a range of properties in the city, from luxury to low-cost, but if you’re looking for a good investment, you’ll want to focus on areas with a high rental yield. These are usually prime-location apartments with views of the Bosphorus, and will typically appreciate in value over time.

A number of new developments are emerging on the outskirts of the city, which are cheaper than central Istanbul but still have a good rental return. These can be found in places like Bahcelievler, Basaksehir and Bakirkoy, and are often located near the European side’s airports or the new business centre of Istanbul.

As a result, you’ll be able to find a variety of apartments in Istanbul, from luxury penthouses to cheap studio units. You’ll be able to find properties that are close to shopping, public transport and other amenities.

If you’re a first-time buyer, you can expect to pay around Euro 150,000 for a renovated Ottoman-style apartment or penthouse on the European side of Istanbul. These units tend to have better returns than more modern units, and can be a good place to get your foot in the door.

Another option is to purchase a furnished apartment for rent in Istanbul, which will cost less than a traditional home but can be a much more convenient choice if you’re on a short break or travelling for work. You’ll be able to choose your check-in and check-out dates, and can even opt for a monthly lease instead of a long-term contract.

Buying a house in Istanbul
Buying a house in Istanbul


When it comes to buying a house in Istanbul, you need to do your research. It’s important to know what you want from a property, your budget and the local market so you can make the best decision possible.

Whether you’re looking to buy a holiday home for yourself or an investment property, choosing the right area can make all the difference to your return on investment. You can find everything from modern apartments in up-and-coming areas to historic Ottoman townhouses on the shores of the Bosphorus.

The European side of Istanbul is a popular choice for foreign buyers, and there are many new real estate developments in the area. It’s close to the airport, has great transport links and features plenty of amenities and attractions.

This area is also well-known for its health, education and leisure facilities. It is also close to major infrastructure projects that will increase property values in the future.

One of the best ways to ensure you get the most for your money is to choose a new apartment in a good location, preferably with an unobstructed view. This will mean you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a high-quality building with excellent access to transportation and facilities, while paying a reasonable price.

If you’re thinking about purchasing a house, it’s a good idea to have an expert surveyor take a look at it before you sign on the dotted line. This will give you peace of mind and help you make the right decision for your personal needs.

Buying a house in Istanbul can be a daunting task. There are 39 official districts and a huge range of properties available. You may be tempted to purchase a property in every district but it is essential to choose where you want to live and what you are looking for before you start researching.

Buying a house in Istanbul is an exciting experience and one that will provide you with long-term satisfaction. But it is vital to remember that the global recession has had a significant impact on Turkey’s real estate market. It’s therefore advisable to approach your purchase from a business-like frame of mind so you can remain firm when you’re negotiating with developers and agents.


Whether you’re an investor or a first-time buyer, buying a house is a major decision. With 39 bustling districts and thousands of apartments, villas, and commercial property for sale, Istanbul has something to offer everyone.

The price of a house in Istanbul is dependent on the location, size, and amenities. To find the perfect house, you can either work with a private real estate agent or use online platforms.

You can also search for a property on government websites such as the Turkish Land Registry. However, it’s important to do your research before purchasing a property.

There are three different types of houses available for sale in Istanbul: apartments, residential complexes, and villas. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you should consider them carefully before committing to one.

Apartments are the most popular type of Istanbul property and are available in a variety of sizes and prices. They range from 1 + 1 to 5+1 flats and are designed based on the needs of their owners.

Many of these properties are located in prestigious residential areas and feature luxurious facilities and services. Some even have private pools and gyms.

When buying a house in Istanbul, you should remember that it’s crucial to make a thorough inspection of the property. This will ensure that you’re getting a high-quality home that meets your exact requirements.

Aside from that, you should also take a look at the local environment and lifestyle in the area. You’ll want to know if the property is close to public transportation and where it’s located in the city.

You should also consider how the neighborhood has changed since you bought your property. This will give you an idea of how it’s likely to change in the future.

If you’re interested in buying a house in Istanbul, we recommend looking for a property that has a lot of amenities and is located near public transport. This will help you get a good rental income and appreciate your investment in the long run.


If you’re looking for a house in Istanbul, you can choose from a wide range of properties. These include apartments, villas and houses for sale. There are many different factors that affect the price of a house, including the location and size.

Buying a house in Istanbul can be an exciting experience. However, it is important to take time and find the right property for you. There are some key things to consider when it comes to buying a house in Turkey, such as obtaining the proper documents and making sure you are getting a fair price for your property.

The first thing to look at is your budget. It’s important to have a clear idea of what you can afford before beginning the search for a house in Istanbul.

You can also get a better idea of what you want by visiting some property viewing sites to see what’s on offer. These sites can be a good place to start your search, but it’s advisable to go with a reputable site and company.

Another thing to consider is the type of villa you want. There are a number of different styles, from the log cabin style to modern European-style villas with views across the sea.

A great option for those who enjoy a more peaceful lifestyle is a lakeside villa. These villas are often situated near a lake or a river and offer stunning sea views, while providing all the luxury amenities you could need.

There are several areas to consider when choosing a lakeside property in Istanbul, including Bahcesehir, Beylikduzu and Silivri. These areas have fast-growing infrastructure and are becoming increasingly popular for tourists and residents.

While there are a number of ways to buy a house in Istanbul, the most common way is to use a real estate agent. These agents can help you find a house and ensure the process goes smoothly.

You can also ask for a recommendation from friends or family members who have bought a house in Istanbul. This can be a helpful way to get advice from people who have already gone through the process and can give you an idea of how it works.

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