Atashehir Neighborhood In Istanbul

Atashehir Neighborhood In Istanbul

Atashehir is located in the Asian part of Istanbul and has a population of about 450,000.

The texture of Atashehir neighborhood in Istanbul is new and it is considered as a young city.
The public transportation system in this area is managed by municipal buses. There is also a metro station on the Kadi Koi-Kartal line in the southern part of it.
Fenerbahçe basketball stadium is located in Ilche.
In addition to residential projects, there are many commercial projects and many office units in this area.
One of the faculties of Yedi Tepe or Haft Tepe University as well as Fenerbahce University is located in Atashir.
There are 4 famous shopping centers in Atashahir.
Palladium shopping center, Atashehir shopping center, Metropol shopping center and Brandium shopping center.
Atashehir consists of 17 neighborhoods, and there are primary schools, middle schools, and medical centers in all of these neighborhoods.

Atashehir Neighborhood In Istanbul
Atashehir neighborhood in Istanbul

Atashehir, Icherenkoi, Kuchuk Bekal Koi, Farhat Pasha, Kayesh Dai, Mustafa Kamal, Namik Kamal, Oranek, Yeni Chamlija, Yeni Sahra and… are among the neighborhoods of this Ilche.
The distance from Ilche to Sabiha Gokchen Airport is 20 minutes.
The rent of a residential unit in this area varies between 2 and 7 thousand liras, and the price of buying a house ranges from 250 thousand liras in low areas to 5 million liras.
If you intend to buy in the Asian area of Istanbul, Atashehir can be a good option for you because of its young texture and reasonable prices.

Most of the houses in the western part of Atashehir are located in luxury towers and inside the town or site. Most of the residents of the western part of Atashehir are prosperous. But in the eastern part of Atashehir, there is a lot of financial and cultural diversity among the residents.

In the eastern part of the district, there are two neighborhoods called Küçükbakalköy and içrenköy as good neighborhoods in Atashehir.

Another advantage of this area is its proximity to Bostanji Pier and access to Prince Islands.

As in other parts of Istanbul, there is access to the largest branches of the famous Migros, Bim, Shock, CARREFOUR markets for shopping from food to clothes, etc… in Ataşehir.

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